5 things your business should never be too busy to do

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SME businesses are extremely important for the labour market in Ireland as they generate more than 70% of all jobs in the non-financial business economy.

One thing that all SMEs have in common is that they are too busy, which means basic things that their business should be doing fall through the net.

Social media, effective management, training, reflection, and growth are all ingredients to having a successful Irish SME. Going back to the drawing board isn’t always a bad thing. To help you get started we explore five things which can easily get lost in the day-to-day workload, and explain how you can put them back on the agenda.



Are you doing enough to promote the work of your business? A PR company or marketing agency isn’t essential when it comes to spreading the word about all the positive things your business is doing. Make sure your business is utilising social media. Whether you have chosen to go down the paid or organic route, the more you use social media the bigger the benefit you will get out of it.

Make sure that your brand is sharing quality content and engaging with followers. This will certainly help your business to grow its brand awareness and help to build a relationship with current customers.



Make sure your business allocates enough time for important administrative tasks like filing taxes, managing payroll and dealing with HR issues.

Many businesses will leave these types of tasks to the very last minute; however, it is important that your business can manage time and tasks effectively. A strong business will make sure that these types of tasks are completed to a high standard.



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Have a think about training courses that could be valuable to the staff at all levels. Training your employees will show them that you are willing to invest in their development, which will inventively boost staff morale across the board.



The world of an SME moves fast, so make sure you are taking time to reflect on the progress of your business at regular intervals. Try to understand the challenges your business faces and the opportunities that can come from them.

The best businesses acknowledge what perhaps isn’t working for them and then work on fixing the problems, or even changing tack. This makes them a stronger business in the longer term as it removes the risk of making the same mistake twice!



Never be afraid to take the next step! If your business is ready to expand, there are many ways you can do this.

Start by investing time into looking for new opportunities. Portals like Supply2Gov Ireland can send you relevant public sector tenders straight to your inbox, which eliminates any manual work for your team.

Manage your time better with Suppy2Gov Ireland and focus on the business processes that your business may have been neglecting.


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