It is understandable that some Irish businesses have concerns over the UK’s decision to leave the EU. However, the fact that the UK is Ireland’s closest neighbour means that the UK public sector market will always remain a natural first option for Irish suppliers seeking to expand overseas.

Proximity is not the only benefit of working with the UK public sector. The vast number of opportunities available, a shared language during negotiations and similar business cultures make the UK public sector an obvious choice for any Irish business.


How much does the UK public sector spend?

If you are an Irish supplier thinking about doing business in the UK, then it could be well worth your time and effort – UK public sector procurement is big business.

It is estimated that the UK Government spends a massive £242 billion on third-party goods and services each year! From the NHS to housing and construction opportunities, the UK Government could be a valuable customer for a great many Irish businesses seeking to work with overseas public sector bodies and expand their client base.


Key opportunities for Irish suppliers

The ‘Exporting to the UK?’ report by Enterprise Ireland is a new guide for Irish business following the UK’s EU membership referendum in 2016.

Marina Donohoe, Enterprise Ireland Director UK and Northern Europe, says that “while strategies to offset whatever consequences arise from the UK vote are advised, businesses in Ireland would be missing a trick if they discounted the UK market”.

The report reveals seven key opportunities for Irish companies considering doing business with the UK public sector:

  • National Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  • Northern Powerhouse Agenda
  • Scottish Government Investment Plan
  • NHS Five Year Forward View
  • Water Market
  • Financial Services/Fintech
  • Aerospace


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