€2M training fund to boost workforce learning in Ireland

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It has been announced that Skillnet Ireland will release €2 million worth of funding to industry bodies and enterprise groups.

The national agency is responsible for the promotion and facilitation of workforce learning in Ireland and hopes that the funding will develop new Skillnet Learning Networks.

The scheme, which aims to support Irish businesses in addressing their current and future skills needs, will be launched in 2019.


Developing Ireland’s workforce

New technology, new regulations, market shifts and ever-changing demographics all mean that workplace training is more important than ever before.

Brendan McGinty, Chair of Skillnet Ireland, reinforced the importance of developing Skillnet Learning Networks:

“There is an ever-widening productivity gap between indigenous SMEs and multinationals based here. Therefore, it is imperative that Irish businesses remain competitive by investing in their workforce… The Skillnet Ireland model enables businesses to work together to identify the skills needed for their workforce development and to deliver relevant and impactful solutions to these skills challenges.”


Irish training tenders

With key players investing in the training marketplace, now is an excellent time for providers to look for training tenders.

The Irish public sector is investing heavily in workplace training. The Irish Government established a plan with 370 Actions to make Ireland’s Education and Training Service the best in Europe by 2026 – excellent news for SMEs that are looking to find training tender opportunities.

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Looking further afield?

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