How does UK public sector procurement work?

uk public sector procurement

As public sector organisations are financed by public money, public sector procurement must be fair and transparent.

To ensure this, there are regulations in place that apply to all public sector contracts over a certain value, or ‘threshold’ – buying organisations must adhere to these rules.

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What does the UK public sector buy?

UK public sector organisations include central government departments, local government, councils, the NHS, the police and other emergency services. With such a variety of organisations performing such diverse roles, the range of goods, works, and services required is endless.

This means that businesses of all sizes have a chance of winning work with the public sector, whether you sell pencils or manage public sector buildings.



The Official Journal of the European Union (otherwise known as OJEU) is an online journal which UK public sector organisations must use to publish public sector procurement opportunities worth over a certain value threshold.

Services like Supply2Gov take contracts published in the OJEU and lower value contracts published on thousands of other sites and gather them so that they are all on one easy to search platform.


UK public sector procurement

Did you know that the UK public sector spends £242bn each year? This makes it a valuable market for Irish suppliers.

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