#NursesDay: Find Healthcare Opportunities in Ireland and the UK

As today (06/05/19) marks Nurses Day, we delve into the world of healthcare procurement!

Healthcare organisations across Ireland and the UK are constantly working with suppliers that can provide the goods and services they require – making it an extremely lucrative market.

Would your business like to win work with the HSE, NHS and other healthcare organisations?

Supply2Gov Ireland can enable you to find relevant healthcare tenders that could help you to grow your small business.

Learn more about tendering for HSE and NHS contracts below.


Healthcare Tenders

Within the world of healthcare procurement, the term “tenders” stands for any contract opportunities that are published by organisations like the HSE and NHS.

These organisations require a range of goods, services, works and utilities every year for which they must tender competitively and suppliers can bid to win these opportunities.

Both the Irish and UK governments welcome applications from SMEs. The HSE states that it utilises “the services of sole traders where appropriate.”


What are the benefits of winning healthcare tenders?

There are many benefits of working with organisations like the HSE and NHS. Not only will your business gain credibility through working with and potentially getting references from a public sector organisation, but it will be able to reference this work moving forward which in turn help it to win more business opportunities.

If you are interested in winning with the NHS, the UK Government’s prompt payment policy means that 80% of invoices submitted by suppliers to the public sector are paid within five days, with the rest being paid within 30 days.


How can Supply2Gov Ireland help?

Never miss another healthcare tender opportunity again!

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