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Have you thought about working with the UK public sector? There has never been a better time for Irish small or micro businesses to explore the UK public sector.

Read why we think you should work with the UK public sector.


The government encourages quick payment

The UK government works hard to encourage more SMEs to work and bid in the public sector. One of the main requirements put in place by the government is that all public sector supply chains need to be paid within 30 days of submitting an invoice.

This ensures that SMEs are being paid promptly for work done – resulting in a healthy cash flow.


By 2020, £1 in every £3 will be spent with small businesses

The UK government is working towards a target that £1 in every £3 government spend will be with small businesses by 2020.  This target includes the Crown Commercial Service and each government department, and includes both spend through the supply chain and direct procurement spend.

Progress is already being made in some industry sectors as £1.39 in every £3 spent through the government’s Digital Marketplace is going to small and medium-sized enterprises. This has given the UK’s technology SME sector a major boost.


Huge opportunities for Irish suppliers

Last year’s ‘Exporting to the UK?’ report by Enterprise Ireland reveals seven key areas of opportunity for Irish companies looking to do business with the UK public sector.

These are:

  • National Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  • Northern Powerhouse Agenda
  • Scottish Government Investment Plan
  • NHS Five Year Forward View
  • Water Market
  • Financial Services/Fintech
  • Aerospace

These seven areas offer opportunities for businesses of all sizes, whether as direct contractors or as part of the supply chain.


Work with the UK public sector

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Irish environmental sector

At the end of 2018 the Irish Government launched a new trial programme to assess buses based on green criteria. Shane Ross, the Irish Minister for Transport, aims to purchase eco-friendly public transport vehicles in 2019, as well as outlawing the purchase of diesel busses for public transport. Read our infographic below to find out more about this programme and what public sector procurement opportunities are available.


Environmental tenders S2G


Win environmental tenders

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and and the UK 2018">

The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s going up this summer. We’ve identified the hot spots for public sector contracts across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

With more opportunities in the public sector out there than every before, it’s time to think about the contracts that you have been missing.

Here’s our list of the top public sector procurement hot spots below, so you can spot the opportunities that could be sitting on your doorstep, and beyond.

Top Public Sector Procurement Hot Spots

London – 6,352 contracts

North West England – 5,057 contracts

Republic of Ireland – 4,479 contracts

South East England – 4, 401 contracts

South West England – 4,301 contracts

Yorkshire & Humber – 4,202 contracts

Scotland – 4,137 contracts

S2G-Public Sector Procurement hot spots Infographic

Republic of Ireland

Ireland spends approximately €12 billion every year on goods, services and works. Procurement is one of the main focuses of the Irish Government’s Public Service Reform programme and in the latest Communications Strategy (2018-2020) from the Office of Government Procurement, the department states that it aims to “promote participation in the public procurement process by SMEs and micro enterprises.”



London continues to sit at the top of the hotpots – and how could it not? London had the highest public spend figure per head across all English regions in 2017 at £10,192 (11% higher than the UK average). The new HS2 rail link from London to the West Midlands and the North is estimated to cost £55.7bn – a key opportunity for infrastructure suppliers.



Research from July 2018 has found Scotland’s infrastructure output per person to be the largest in the UK. Scotland saw 54% more infrastructure output per person than London did in 2017. Other key areas of investment in Scotland include energy, water and housing – make sure you are looking for opportunities in these areas.


North West England

UK central government intends to spend £134bn over the period 2016-21; 32% of that sum will be spent in the North of England. The Northern Powerhouse initiative investment will use this spend to support projects around road, rail, freight, aerospace and skills development.


South East England

The new HS4Air rail line will connect Kent with major airports in under an hour. The project is valued at £10bn and has been described as the “M25 for high-speed trains”. This year it was also announced that a further £2m will be given to local regions in the South East to create transport strategies to improve connectivity and drive economic growth.


South West England

A Ministry of Defence report released in July 2018 states that the defence sector brings an annual investment of £5.1bn to the South West of England. Most of the MOD’s expenditure in the region centres on technical, financial and other business services.


Find public sector procurement opportunities

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