UK imports over £20 billion of goods from Ireland


Ireland is one of the UK’s largest trading partners.

Figures published by the UK Parliament at the start of 2019 have revealed that UK imports from Ireland in recent years have reached £21.8 billion*, putting Ireland in the UK’s top ten sources of imports.


What kind of goods is the UK importing from Ireland?

The ‘Statistics on UK trade with Ireland’ published by the House of Commons Library in 2019 revealed that “UK imports from Ireland represented 3.4% of all UK imports and 6.4% of all UK imports from the EU” in 2017.

The largest import from Ireland was “medicinal and pharmaceutical products” with imports valued at £2.8 billion, 19.5% of all UK goods imports from Ireland.

Other imports from Ireland included:

  • Meat & meat preparations
  • Telecomms & sound recording equipment
  • Dairy products
  • Miscellaneous manufactured articles
  • Organic chemicals
  • Miscellaneous edible products & preparations
  • Essential oils & perfume materials
  • Office machines


Opportunities in the UK

Carol Gibbons, Department Manager Digital Technology & Director ICT Commercialisation at Enterprise Ireland, says that:

“Ireland has a strong entrepreneurial agenda, is very agile in looking for international opportunities and has a highly educated, flexible workforce with a forward-looking mindset,”

This makes the country a desirable supplier in the eyes of UK and other international buyers.


How to find tenders in the UK?

The UK sources booth goods and services from Ireland. If you would like to discover how your business can find public sector tenders in the UK, learn more about our tender alerts service.

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