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What Health & Safety opportunities are available?

Health and safety is incredibly important for public sector bodies. The Irish and UK governments are responsible for the wellbeing and care of the staff working for their public sector bodies. This makes the health and safety sector an extremely valuable marketplace for suppliers.

There are many opportunities out there for businesses looking for health and safety tenders. Working with the public sector can help your business to build its client portfolio and credibility.

We publish tenders for businesses that work across the health and safety sector. Here are just a few examples of the type of tenders you could find using Supply2Gov:

Health and Safety Training

Consultancy and Management

Audit and Inspection

Wellbeing Services

Safety Equipment

Employment Law

Health and Safety Contracts

With health and safety being central to so many aspects of our lives and public services, it is important that the tenders which are issued by the public sector are given to specialists in the field. Thanks to this, many businesses with experience have found and won health and safety contracts.

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  • We also publish UK Health & Safety tenders. If you want to find contracts in the UK, you can sign up for our Flying High subscription.

Matching Tenders

Below you will find a list of live Health & Safety tenders that are currently advertised on the Supply2Gov website. You can choose the subscription which is most suited to your business, so that you will only pay for and receive tender alerts that are relevant to your business.

National Lottery Grants

Published: 05/01/2021 | Value: Not Disclosed | Buyer: Heritage Fund

The National Lottery Grants for awarding authority has reopened to applications and will support organisations working with heritage to adapt and respond [...]

Provision of Equality and Inclusion Training

Published: 16/02/2021 | Deadline: 01/03/2021 | Value: Not Disclosed | Buyer: Hampshire County Council on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary

The Awarding Authority to advise the market of intentions to put in place a contract for the provision of Approved [...]

United Kingdom-Leicester: Food Vouchers for Vulnerable Families

Published: 20/12/2020 | Value: Not Disclosed | Buyer: Leicestershire County Council

The purchase of food vouchers, and the system to distribute the vouchers, for pupils eligible for free school meals over [...]

UNITED KINGDOM-Eastleigh: Traffic Enforcement Detection Equipment

Published: 24/01/2021 | Value: Not Disclosed | Buyer: The Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is releasing this Prior Information Notice (PIN) on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary, Thames Valley Police and [...]

Midterm Evaluator for the Project ‘Protecting the Rights of Religious Minorities- Readvertisement

Published: 23/02/2021 | Deadline: 15/03/2021 | Value: Not Disclosed | Buyer: Minority Rights Group International

Background of the project The awarding authority, a Budapest-based non-governmental organisation implements a 4-years primarily NORAD funded programme ‘Protecting the rights [...]

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